North Highland United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


                There will be a Mission Committee meeting on
    Tuesday, March 3  at 5:30 PM.   

When is the Rummage Sale?

Friday and Saturday

night is Thursday April 23.

April 24 and 25. North Highland attendees shopping

When can I bring my items?

After worship on Sunday April 19; the church will be open for a time in the afternoon.

Why can

t I bring my items now?

We have no storage space. If it goes into the trailer, we have to then haul it out so it is helpful to your small Rummage Sale crew.

Will you take clothing?


s clothing is always a need; adult clothing should be clean, and no tears or stains (if you wouldnt wear it neither will someone else); interesting vintage items are great—terribly out of style casual clothing does not sell.

What will you not take?

Entertainment centers; non flat screen TV

s unless they are very small; prescription medications; opened OTC meds; damaged or broken appliances that do not work. Note: When large items like old TVs and en-tertainment centers are brought and do not sell we have to pay a disposal fee.

What if my items are too heavy for me to manage?

The Missions Committee will recruit volunteers to help with such items. Please call the church the week of April 19 and someone will get back to you when we find a time that will work for you and for those hauling.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! This is a huge project for a church are size. Sorting etc will begin on Monday April 20 during the day and for a couple of hours in the evening; a schedule will be out soon. If you are able to assist with hauling large items, please speak to Brenda or Nancy.

How is the Rummage Sale money spent?

The Missions Committee distributes the money for mission focused needs and projects—many coats and snow pants are purchased with proceeds; half of last year

s $2300 went to Haiti LaGanove Alive school building project, and funds often support things such as the Youth Mission Trip.

Youth Mission Trip: Four of our youth and two adults will head to Spirit Lake Ministries in North Dakota for a week beginning June 21. Thank you for support of their recent cookie sale, and do expect another fundraiser soon!

 Spotlight on . . . The Missions Committee
 The purpose of the Missions Committee is to serve others and to provide opportunities for people at North Highland to contribute to the service of others in our area, across the country, and throughout the world.
 Projects of the Missions Committee include, but are not limited to, the following:
1)       Kit Collection for the Annual In-Gathering held each September at Dakota Wesleyan University. These include sewing kits, layette kits, school kits, health kits, and flood buckets (or the money to purchase supplies for flood buckets).
2)       Annual NHUMC Rummage Sale which is held on a week-end in March or April. Money from this sale goes towards the Mission Committee’s projects. 
3)       Coats for Kids Give-Away. People who have gently used coats are encouraged to deposit them in the box in the entry of K-Mart, Kens, and the Aberdeen Credit Unions. The coats are then displayed at North Highland and people who need coats are welcomed to come and select one. 
4)       Shoebox Christmas Project. People are encouraged to bring items for preschool to teen-age years that would fit in a shoebox. The shoeboxes are then given to students at Enemy Swim Day School (K-8). Also receiving shoeboxes are the  Enemy Swim Pre-School, and Enemy Swim Head Start. Also contributing to this effort are many churches in the Dakotas Conference including Bath, Milbank, Howard, Eureka, Clark, Bowdle, Hitchcock, and Gayville-Volin. The shoeboxes are delivered to Enemy Swim by members of the Missions Committee and anyone else who would like to go.
Chairperson: Kristie
Members:  Brenda W. Nelda, Al & Kristie, Nancy, Jenna ,  Sue W

The Mission Committee serves as the sponsor of the UMCOR Coffee Project  at NHUMC.  As recommended by UMCOR, North Highland serves Equal Exchange coffee.

   The Missions Committee seeks ways
to involve the church
in local, national,
and international missions
through education, financial support,
and involvement.

Membership on this committee is not limited in number.