North Highland United Methodist Church
Thursday, February 25, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Hospitality Teams


 At North Highland, the congregation is divided into 12 monthly teams.  These groups greet people before the service, hand out bulletins, usher, collect the offering, count the attendees, and serve during the coffee fellowship time.  Snacks are always available either fresh or in the freezer. If people from your group wish to provide additional or alternative snacks that is certainly fine as well.  The coffee fellowship is funded by the church budget.    

 There will, hopefully, be additions during the year. If you are unable to serve during the month listed or if you are not on a hospitality team at this time and wish to be included please contact Helen Vogt.
January:  Al and Kristie S, , Clark O.
February:  Jean D.,  Chuck G, Rachele G, Helen V
March:  Sandy and John S, Mary Anne S,  Stuart and Nanette Mc., Alex, Pearson
April: Mark and Kathy B,Curt and Susan W,
May : Susan and Terry B, Myles B,  Mallory B,  Nelda and Henry L,
June: Randy Br*,  Mike and Cindy K, Judy and Orville G, Jenna H
 July:  Ed and Jayne K, Heather E, Chariton E, Cayson E., Dave F
August: Nancy M*, Brenda W*, Darlene T, Lucion and Alice L,
September: Bob and Dee B, Rick and Ashley H, Gayle B
October:  Ruth and Dean W*, David and Sheryl A.,  Amber and Nathan H
 November:   Sharon K, Gail and Ernest S, Jaime & Shanna S, Sheila and Carlyle R, Michael and Lisa H
December:  Lila M, Helen V, Sue W,
January: Dwight and Claudia F, Al and Kristie S, John R, Monica Y and Dave H,  
February: Teresa S*, Chuck G,  Rachele G, Kevin N., Helen V.
March:  Sandy and John S, Gayle and Roger B.,Curt and Paula M,
April: Mark and Kathy B, Curt and Susan W, Dan and Rene W, Mary and Isaiah, Stuart and Nanette M.
May:  Randy B., Tony and Nancy F, Mike and Cindy K, Kevin N., Dixie M., Dave U
June: Susan and Terry B, Myles B, Lindsey B, Mallory B. Judy P, Nelda and Henry L,
July:   David and Sheryl A, Ed and Jayne K,  Jean D, , Sarah D.,  
August: Nancy M*, Brenda W*, Darlene T,   Alice and Lucion L. ,Lacie and Jason T.  
September:  Jerry and Carol W, Bob and Dee B, Rick and Ashley H 
October:  Ruth and Dean W*, Carol & Ted F,  Amber and Nathan H 
November: Ernie and Sharon K,   Gail and Ernest S, Michael and Lisa H., Sheila and Carlyle R.
December:  Ron and Linda K*, Lila M., Ardell M., Betty B., Sue W., Helen V.