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October 2008 Column


SPIRITUAL FORMATION        October 2008
The “Discipline” of Prayer
Centering Prayer
 Prayer is one path, one way to enter into relationship with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and with our brothers and sisters. Prayer might be as simple as HELP, PLEASE or THANKS.
 One pathway, one form is called CENTERING PRAYER. It is also called contemplative prayer or listening prayer. “Centering Prayer is drawn from ancient prayer practices of the Christian contemplative heritage, notably the Father and Mothers of the Desert.” These ancient ones are also referred to as the Abbas and Ammas. Remember? Jesus, called God “Abba”.
 Many faiths practice Centering Prayer. Roman Catholics and Quakers to name two. Many Protestant people also practice Centering Prayer.
 There is no one “how to” or method. It is a quiet practice of prayer. It is a time to enter into silence, relax, try to empty one’s mind of the constant noise and LISTEN. Listen, what does the Lord require of you? Do you hear God? Is Jesus calling your name?
 I must confess that I have sat with several Centering Prayer groups and have left feeling NOTHING. You know what? That’s quite OK too! Sometimes in the nothingness a listening begins.
 Peace of Christ be with us all. 
Pastor Sheila
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