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Friday, February 26, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

January 2009 Column

The “Practice” of PRAYER
I learned this interesting practice of prayer several years ago.
Pick one day and pray for EVERY person you meet. I decided on a Wednesday. I would pray silently for every person I saw that day. My prayers were brief.
“God bless you.”
“God loves you.”
“Peace be with you.”
My learning curve was high that day. I learned:
1. It takes a lot of focus to remember to pray for everyone.
2. It was quite exhausting!
3. It was also an exhilarating experience.
4. I felt a certain tiredness but also I felt “light.”
5. I think a miracle happened that day.
I needed things from the store and was going into one of the major groceries in Aberdeen. My first thought was I should have picked some other day to pray for every person I met! This would be a lot of work. In those days, Wednesday was when the “specials” were advertised and there were many shoppers. (Is Wednesday still the day?)
On this day, everyone had to manually open the store doors as the automatic system was not working. A little girl of four or five and her mom and grandmom were going in the same time as I. They were bickering and arguing loudly. The two older women were being unkind to the little girl, chastising her for something, calling her “dummy” and admonishing her to hurry, yanking her by the hand. She was near tears. I prayed.
As “luck” would have it, when I was ready to leave the store, so was this family. When we all arrived at the broken doors at the same time, the little girl rushed ahead of me and opened the door and smiled at me. I really poured it on! “What a wonderful helper you
are! . . .What a good little girl you are! . . .How nice of you! . . .Wow, thanks for being so kind to me! . . .” I prayed again for Mom and Grandma. “Peace be with you.” . . . “God loves you.” . . .
It’s amazing what happens when we pray.
I invite you to try this spiritual discipline of praying for everyone you meet for one day. It’s amazing what might happen.
Pastor Sheila