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Friday, February 26, 2021
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July 2009 Column



JULY 2009
I am sharing with you an idea about using "prompts" to remind us to pray.
Richard Foster has written extensively on prayer.
An additional "prompt" a person can use as a reminder
"it's time to communicate with God" is to pray every time you go UP or DOWN
a your home, store, a curb, etc.
Peace, Sheila
Use Prayer Prompts
We do not leap into the dizzy heights of constant communion in a single bound. It comes over a period of time in measured practical steps.
The first step is that of outward discipline. This is how we gain proficiency at anything. The accomplished pianist, who today spryly runs her hands up and down the keyboard, once had to agonize over the simplest scales. The same is true for us.
So we begin in simple, conspicuous, even artificial ways. Schoolteachers can use the ringing of the bell to remind them to lift their breath prayer into the arms of the Father. Those whose favorite color is purple are reminded of God's continuous loving presence each time they see the color purple. Surgeons can be prompted to prayer by each scrub down as they prepare for an operation. The bank teller can pray whenever someone comes to the window. We can put pressure-sensitive labels on the refrigerator and the bathroom mirror and the television set. Washing dishes, making beds, waiting in supermarket lines — all can call us to prayer. Jogging, swimming, and walking can remind us as well. The idea is surprisingly simple. Frank Laubach called it his Game with Minutes, and we too can turn it into a delightful game. How many minutes can we turn into holy communion?

— Richard J. Foster in Prayer
To Practice This Today: Picture a typical day for you. What moments, activities, things, and encounters can you use as prayer prompts? Practice turning minutes into holy communion throughout the day.
Please read the Scriptures on the paintings in the church foyer.