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Friday, February 26, 2021
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August 2009 Column

August 2009
A breath prayer is one YOU create. It is between you and God. Imagine God calling you by name and asking you this question, “ (Insert name), what do you want?”
Spend some quiet time thinking of a word or phrase that describes what you want. It could be your deepest desire for yourself or an intercession for another person.
Now, what is YOUR favorite name for God? Mine changes from time to time but I am always drawn to I AM. Moses once asked God, “Who are you, whom shall I say spoke to me?” God answered, “Tell them I AM.”
Using your favorite name for God, from your very short breath prayer:
“Oh Great I AM, I want _________________.”
Practice the prayer again and again. Let it flow from deep inside you on your breath. Take a breath IN . . . Let the prayer out. Repeat it for a minute or two.
Pray it during quiet times and noisy times. Carry it in your heart and on your breath. Pray it, whisper it, when you are at work, doing chores, sitting in traffic, at the beach, in your yard . . . After several days reflect on your experience.
I first learned the BREATH PRAYER from Ron DelBane. It was also in a 1998 issue of ALIVE NOW. Wonderful changes come into a life of prayer.
Peace of Christ be with us all,
Pastor Sheila