North Highland United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Memorial Gift Acceptance Committee


Memorial Gift Acceptance Committee
North Highland United Methodist Church has formed a committee called the Memorial Gift Acceptance Committee. 
Their task is to ascertain from the various committees of the church what items they would like to see given through memorial gifts.
 Education: Big Screen TV (50" inches  $750 - $1500), 
 Trustees:    Armoire ($1,000), Endowment Gift to Help Pay off Mortgage
Worship:    Candle Holders, Banners ($150 - $950),Small/Medium Candelabra ($376 - $2,117),
 Missions:    Endowment Gift
 Finance:      Endowment Gift to help pay off Mortgage
 Other:          40 - 200 bowls (Corelle)