North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, February 26, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

May 2010 Column

A "discipline" is a practice.
For some time now I have written articles concerning the spiritual discipline of prayer.
I will be writing about another spiritual discipline, READING SCRIPTURE.
There are many spiritual disciplines, each one a PRACTICE to help us keep our focus on Jesus.
I read an on-line article that said
certain disciplines and practices help keep our hearts turned toward God.
Keeping our hearts turned toward God ! WOW!

The article also said that practicing (doing something again and again) the disciplines
will not earn us any heavenly brownie points or make us more valuable as people.
My life still has rough roads, sorrow, fatigue and days of loneliness,
BUT the day is much smoother when I begin with some time in the Scriptures.
You are invited to take an UPPER ROOM (or go online) to begin to read scripture every day.
Future newsletter articles will share ways to read scripture,
daily "helps," what religious leaders have to say, etc.
There is power when we join together to read Scripture.
It could change the church. My goodness it could change US !

Peace, Pastor Sheila