North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, February 26, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

October 2010 Column


October 2010
I have been sharing “Spiritual Disciplines” through the church newsletter.
For a long time I shared some ideas about prayer. This year, the focus has been on READING SCRIPTURE.
There are many spiritual “disciplines.” The word discipline here is defined as PRACTICE.
It is sometimes called a spiritual exercise. It is as important to practice and exercise our minds and souls
as it is to exercise our bodies.
Spiritual Disciplines (Practices) include, but are not limited to, prayer, worship, reading scripture, fasting, meditating, journaling, hospitality, generosity, etc.
One day some students came to a master (teacher) to ask important questions. One asked, “Is there anything I can do to make myself enlightened?”
The master replied, “As little as you can do to make the sun rise in the morning.”
The student asked, “Then what use are the spiritual exercises you prescribe?”
The master said, “To make sure you are not asleep when the sun begins to rise.”
Jesus told a story once.......he said Stay Awake!
A prayer: Almighty God help us to be diligent daily in practicing our spiritual lives. Help us to awaken each day to greet the sun and the Son. Amen
Peace, Pastor Sheila