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Friday, February 26, 2021
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April 2011 Column

April 2011
Lent offers us 40 days to practice SILENCE. Historically Lent was a time when people were learning about the faith to be confirmed or baptized or become members of a church. It was also a time to welcome back those who had strayed from the faith. It was a time for repentance. It is still such a time. It is also true that it is always time to come back to the Lord, to come back to a life in the Spirit, to come back to the church.
As human beings we often fall away from our spiritual disciplines. We don’t take time each day to read scripture. We leave the UPPER ROOM sitting on a table or night stand. We fall out of the habit of prayer. And we get caught up in the distractions of our world. We pay more attention to the distractions than to the voice within us.
Why won’t we become silent? Is there a fear of what we might hear? What is God calling you to do or become? The first step in the spiritual discipline of silence is STOP TALKING. Be quiet. Be still.
Lent is a perfect time to return to the spiritual disciplines.
Every day take a little time for silence to invite God into your heart. “Be still and know” the psalmist wrote. Enter into the silence. Return to God who is always waiting.......for you.........and for me.
Pastor Sheila