North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, February 26, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


The Upper Room Reflections devotional which I receive online pointed to an often overlooked scripture from the book of Daniel: Don’t be afraid. You are greatly treasured. All will be well with you. Some translations use Do not fear, you are deeply loved by God. Be at peace. Many ways of sharing the message that we are beloved—we are enough.
It sounds like a simple philosophy, yet we don’t always do a good job of taking it fully to heart, do we? While not feeling “good enough” is nothing new, our present media culture tends to feed us with doubt, and can leave us starved for a true sense of well being, and healthy self worth. We fear that we are not “enough” and so we over-compensate in our varied roles. We are afraid of feeling irrelevant or being unnoticed, so we seek to prove our worth by self-promotion or over functioning. 
Love of self and caring for ourselves is vital, yet we need not spend our precious energy proving ourselves. Don’t be afraid. You are treasured. All will be well. Repeat it. Believe it. Relax, and give yourself a break. Did you enjoy the moment, or was it about the pictures and making memories? Did you listen and share to include others, or did you self-promote? Are you comparing yourself to others, or are you celebrating everyone’s contributions? Serve in God’s kingdom in response to all God has done for us, not for notoriety. I share this affirmation which I have come to appreciate entitled God’s Freeing Love:
   God’s love frees me to be the person I am without need to be more attractive, more intelligent, more popular.
   God’s love frees me to live in confidence, not self-absorbed.
   God’s love frees me to take risks, to surprise even myself with courage, sometimes to fall flat on my face—but always to     move on, encouraged by the Spirit.
   God’s love frees me to view the world not from the standpoint of wealth gained or ambition achieved, but from the perspective of relationships lived and human love shared.
   God’s love frees me to put my sins behind me, to know that no sin is to great or too small to be left open and healed by the gentle touch of Christ.
   Thanks be to God! Amen                                                           from Touch Holiness
Don’t be afraid. You are greatly treasured. All will be well with you.   Daniel 10:19
Pastor Lou

August 2018