North Highland United Methodist Church
Monday, May 17, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

August 2014

What I Learned at Vacation Bible School
This year at the amazing annual North Highland VBS, I got to be the Bible Times Storyteller. And despite the laments often heard that “kids these days_________(you fill in the blank), I spent time with kids who are quick learners, confident and perceptive. The curriculum is so well suited to current learning styles and each session reinforces the intended message through word, video, song, dance story, craft, play and experiments.
Here is the nutshell version:
Imagine with God – Esther’s story from the Old Testament showed us we can use the mind that God created within us to think and imagine for good! What a great concept to reinforce at a young age—you can think, be creative and reason all while growing your Christian faith.
Build with God – Long ago people worked together to rebuild their God’s house, their temple. They celebrated and praised God each step of the way. The older elementary girls quickly related building on the temple to Habitat for Humanity or helping those who can no longer paint or repair their homes—and sometimes there are relationships with God and others that need to be rebuilt, so we work on those too!
Grow with God – Jesus talked about a small seed that grew into something big. Even the smallest gestures of kindness make a big difference and grow healthy friendships, families and communities. Every small seed we plant will make a difference.
Work with God – Did Jesus perform an unexplainable 100% miracle and feed thousands of people on his own, or did a child’s offering of lunch inspire others to share. (I didn’t even have a chance to plant that seed before a 7 year old said, “after they sat down, they shared with each other”.) That pushed us about 10 minutes ahead of schedule, so we talked about ways God works through us and the many miracles that are part of our lives every day. God worked through Jesus in amazing ways, and God will work through us.
Walk with God – We could have had a deep theological discussion whether or not Jesus’ spirit was “even in our little finger or toes”, but eventually we got to the concept that we, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus on Easter Day, don’t always recognize that Jesus is right there with us. And at Emmaus, Jesus did the same thing with the bread-- giving thanks and breaking it-- just like he did when the 5,000 were fed. The little wonders caught that on their own!
Bible stories truly never get old, and they are many, many concepts within them. And yes, even with the assistance of new-fangled videos, apps and rockin’ music we continue to learn from the Living Word of God.
We were a hard-working, dedicated community of faith
this past week at North Highland UMC planting seeds
of faith in another generation. Way to go!!
Peace, Pastor Lou