North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, November 27, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

August 2015

Marriage Equality and the United Methodist Church
The following are excerpts from a message by our Bishop: Bruce Ough
“The role of The United Methodist Church and all who follow Jesus is to love our neighbors and to be purveyors of peace and justice,” “The recent Supreme Court ruling will win praise from some United Methodists and trouble others. On one thing many United Methodists agree: The decision will likely add urgency to a longtime denominational debate on the church's position on homosexuality. Church law currently bans clergy from conducting same-gender marriages and forbids churches from hosting such ceremonies.”
“While The UMC does not engage in partisan politics, we welcome all people and believe all have sacred worth, “ said Ough. “Today's legal decisions by the Supreme Court will undoubtedly increase the call for change from a sizeable segment of our church membership and clergy that finds our official policy unjust.” General Conference, the official governing body of the UMC meets in 2016.
While this is a “hot button” topic in many circles, I hope and pray that North Highland continues to have as it’s first priority the sharing of the LOVE of Christ to all persons. Open, fair and loving discussions on issues such as homosexuality are needed within our church and beyond. How will we respond as a church to persons of all ages who identify as LBGT? Do we have something of value to offer families who are struggling to understand an LBGT child or other family member? We are looking to host discussion groups (supportive) and gathering information on how we as a church might be known in our community. Can we continue to be a church where arms are open to all? Please pray for North Highland and the entire UMC Connection as we envision our future. in an ever-changing world.
With Prayers of Peace and Grace,
Pastor Lou