North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, November 27, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

December 2015

Star Child 
 - is the theme for our Advent 2015. Stars are light in our darkness,
 and Christ is the light for a darkened world. Light has always been an important
 part of Christmas celebrations through the centuries. We have no evidence of any
 kind—historically or otherwise regarding the date of Jesus’ birth. The birth of Jesus
 began to be celebrated on December 25th in Rome during the early part of the
 fourth century. This celebration was a counterpart to a popular pagan festival popular among 
 many, called Sol Invictis— The Unconquerable Sun. This was celebrated at the time when the days
 are shortest and the darkness seemed to have conquered the light. We can relate to that darkness,
 can’t we? Can you imagine what it felt like when there was little scientific understanding of the
 solar system, and no electric lights to flip on to avert the darkness? The symbolism was so accu-
 rate—the cold increases for only a time, and then the days grow longer and light overcomes the
 darkness. We now know this as an astronomical process. But isn’t it a wonderful parable for the
 coming of the Incarnate One? And even today, at the moment when history is seems at its darkest,
 the Star Child is born once again. Christ is the Light of the world, and we too as followers of Jesus
 are bringers of this light to the world. "The birth of Jesus made possible not just a new way of un
 der standing life but a new way of living it" Frederick Buechner. We look for the birth of the Star Child!
 Blessings of Peace and Joy to all, Pastor Lou
 Blessings of Peace and Joy to all,
Pastor Lou