North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, November 27, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

May 2015

Sunday May 10th is Mother’s Day. Imagine being a mother living where malaria claims the life of one child every 60 seconds. Imagine the hopefulness she would experience in knowing there are new clinics and medication available. United Methodist efforts may have started with sending nets, but they didn’t stop there. Now there is a comprehensive approach,
Malaria is preventable, but infects nearly 500 million people each year and kills more than one million. Ninety percent of malaria deaths occur in Africa where the disease is a leading killer of children. Children who survive are faced with physical and mental impairments, such as poor growth and development. Malaria contributes to low birth weight among newborn infants, one of the leading risk factors for infant mortality.
 One child dies every minute, however this a
 Medication doses have increased from 11 million to 430 million.
 Access to bed nets has increased from 3% to 56%. Interpreters accompany distributions so use of nets is explained and understood.
 20 health facilities renovated; three mobile clinics established.
 134 clinics received training, staff, equipment, supplies and medication with 11,600 health workers trained.
 New radio stations developed and a wide distribution of solar poweredradios distributed, so that many hear life saving information.
Imagine No Malaria where education of health workers and communities, clinic renovations, supplies, medication and infrastructure provide a holistic focus. This UMC initiative is nearing its goal of raising $75 million. Financial support comes from 58 US annual conferences and nine other countries. The Dakotas Conference set a goal to raise $100,000 at this year’s Annual Conference. Imagine No Malaria has more work to do, but there is also good news: 49% decline in 10 years, when a child died every 30 seconds.
Let’s support this incredible UMC out-
reach. Offerings are invited from
Mother’s Day through May 24th. Our
gift will be presented at Annual Confer-
ence. Checks can be made to NHUMC
with INM on the memo line.