North Highland United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 26, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

November 2013

Generosity, Abundance and a Month of Thanks-giving
Can you think of a time, moment or point in your life when you experienced the true joy of generosity? Were you the receiver or the giver? More than likely, we have at times been both the giver and the receiver. Ponder for a moment, and think about the most joyful experience you have had in giving. What made it special? How did it change you?
God’s grace, love and faithfulness are abundant and generous, and provide the basis for our giving. In fact, giving is at the heart of who God is, and giving reflects the very nature of God. Our lives are filled with evidence of God’s abundance and generosity. The opposite of abundance is scarcity and the opposite of generosity is selfishness and greed. We have been those who have received grace upon grace, and are the beneficiaries of those who came before us who gave generously so that we could experience worship and Christ ourselves in worship, education and experience. Now we can be those who have the privilege to provide and give for future generations.
While generosity most certainly includes money, it extends far beyond that. There are those who are generous with time, abilities, hospitality and care. When we approach all of our giving with a spirit of generosity, we are modeling God’s gracious giving. Can you think of someone whose life is or was generous in every way? They likely are those who automatically respond out of gratitude and a spirit of abundance rather than scarcity or self-centeredness.
The month of November brings us the day of Thanksgiving, yet a day of thanks doesn’t seem sufficient to me! Throughout this month let’s focus on genuine thanks to God the Creator for all the abundance that is part of our daily living, and may that move us to again experience the joy of generosity in every way. Happy month of thanks-giving!
With thanks for all of you,
Pastor Lou