North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, February 26, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
 Nature has the ability to teach us many things, and this is a valuable one. Consider for a few moments, of what might bud and re-bloom in us if we could be like the trees of summer who let go in the fall. Sometimes it is change or disappointment. Sometimes it is old ideas or perceptions that would be best left to gently fall away. The longer we hold onto that which is unhealthy for our own spirits, the more that negativity is sent into the world and those around us. And that is not life-giving to anyone is it?
n Johns gospel when Jesus appears to the disciples who were gathered away in fear on the day of resurrection, his first words are "Peace be with you". Then he encour-ages them to let go of the sins of others—he is very likely speaking of the horrendous acts that had led to his own crucifixion. He tells them if they dont forgive, all of those sins will plague them forever. And we know, dont we, that hanging on to anger and resentment will never grow peace—it won’t bring peace in relationships, churches, or in the world. So be like the leaves! Let the season changes and the winds assist us in letting go of the unhelpful, and leave space for renewed beauty in future seasons. 
In anticipation and hopefulness,
Pastor Lou

October 2018