Prayer 7:13 Prayer 713
North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, February 23, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
The season of Lent means different things to most of us, largely dependent upon personal experiences and perhaps the different places we find ourselves spiritually from year-to-year. The number of days and the purpose of growing someway in our faith is pretty standard. While the practice of "giving up something for Lent" has been a focus in many faith traditions for years, the practice is relatively new for United Methodists. In terms of giving up, I prefer a focus on giving up unhelpful attitudes or actions such as giving up ●apathy ● resentment of others ● arrogance ●criticism of self or others ● the need to have control ●overuse of social media ●hurtful words ●jealousy ●swearing, to name some but you likely could add ones that speak to you.
It has also become favorable to think of adding something meaningful to your life such as ●forgiveness ●serving in a new way ●writing notes of gratitude ●begin tithing or increase giving ●calling or visiting a shut-in ● saying please and thank you more often smiling ●sharing encouraging words. Again, you can add to the list. st. This will be a time for fellowship and devotion. We might even share with one another one of our 40 day practices in order to encourage one an-other on this journey of faith in which we all partake.
Previously it was thought that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, though now scientists believe it takes closer to 66 days or repetitions for something to become a habit. But either way, employing these during the 40 days of Lent gets us closer to where we want to be with our spiri-tuality, or discovery of a greater sense of well being and life abundant.
This year we are offering the opportunity to gather together at noon (12:10—12:50) on the Wednesdays of Lent beginning February 21.
Two of our holy days fall on interesting dates—the first time since 1945. Ash Wednesday is also Valentine’s Day. (The youth will lovingly serve you dinner that evening before worship.) Easter is also April Fool’s Day. The very early church celebrated the Sunday after Easter as "holy hu-mor day", acknowledging that the greatest trick ever played on death and the devil was Jesus’ resurrection, so why not Easter on April 1.
However you observe Lent, may it be that which brings you on a deeper walk with your Creator, Savior, and Guide.
Pastor Lou