North Highland United Methodist Church
Friday, February 26, 2021
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September 2011 Column

A Sacred Space
There are so many books/ideas/suggestions that encourage people to pray and/or pray more often! One universal suggestion is the idea of creating a sacred space to pray. A recent article suggested a "quiet corner" in the home. When we had 4 kids, a cat and a dog AND 40 piano students a week, there was no "quiet corner" to be found. Some days, though not often I admit, I would create one within ME. That's a good idea too. Most times I felt as tho I were praying "on the run." That's OK too.

I do have a space now. Two chairs, one in the dining room and a different one on the glass porch. The rocker on the porch was Mom's and is a wonderful memory.

September is back-to-school time. It's when church returns to regular hours. It's start-up time for Sunday School, bible studies, After School Kids, choir. September is start-up time. This is a good time to start-up a new prayer habit and to create your prayer space.

At your desk, the kitchen counter, the dining table, find a pretty cloth, a candle, faded flowers, rocks from outdoors, a photograph of an old car or tractor, anything that brings feelings of contentment. Sit in your sacred space for a quiet time to talk to God and to Listen!

Peace, Pastor Sheila