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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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World Day of Prayer 2018

World Day of Prayer • April 8, 2018

“All God’s Creation is Very Good!”

“A heri grontapu di Gado meki bun doro, dóro!”

In the beginning, God created our world from
chaos. And everything that was created found its
place in creation. All were related to each other—
earth and light, waters and sky, tree seeds and
living creatures, humankind and God. None could
exist without the other, and the source of all was God. There was
goodness in that integrated system. And essential to that goodness
was the charge to care for creation.
This year, the women of the World Day of Prayer (WDP) Committee
of Suriname call us to worship with the words: “All God's creation is
very good!” We are invited to learn about Suriname’s history and rich
cultural diversity. The women share their stories of intergenerational
wisdom, traditions, and experiences of God’s profound love. The
focus is on Genesis 1, the story of creation. They remind us that we
are caretakers of God’s creation! Through their Bible study and
worship service, they invite us to explore issues of climate change,
natural disasters, human abuse of the environment—all affecting
God’s good creation and God’s people. They invite us to explore these
issues both in the Suriname context and around the world, and to
prayerfully consider our response in light of God’s generosity.
WDP’s guiding principles affirm that “prayer is rooted in listening
to God and to one another.” Through the worship service, we listen
to the people of Suriname. They take us to their communities and
through their concerns. Their everyday life is woven into their
prayers. They pray for creation and for us as we strive to live into our
commitment to care for God’s creation. They invite us to consider the
words “A heri grontapu di Gado meki bun doro, dóro! ” (“All God’s
creation is very good!”).
They invite us to follow prayer with action.
WDP’s motto, “Informed prayer leads to prayerful action,” affirms
that prayer and action are inseparable and that both have
immeasurable influence. As we observe WDP 2018, millions of God’s
people are being affected by human abuse of God’s creation—the
earth, its creatures, God’s people. We encourage you to begin
thinking about actions that you can take to heal and protect God’s
creation. Throughout the service, the women name ways we can care
for the earth and its people. Let us walk in faith and prayerful action!
About World Day of Prayer
Since the nineteenth century, Christian women
in the United States and Canada have initiated
cooperative activities in many areas of concern
for women and children, recognizing the
critical role of prayer in mission work and
their call to promote world peace through
worldwide mission work. The first organized
“day of prayer for the world” was held in Canada on January 9,
1920. The United States soon followed on February 20, 1920.
Now, hundreds of thousands of women (and men, youth, and
children) from around the world and in every region gather to
collectively worship on the first Friday in March. Each year, a
different country serves as the writer of the World Day of Prayer
worship service and other materials. Women of that country’s
national WDP committee interpret scripture within their cultural
context and prepare a worship service; women around the world
lead the services.
World Day of Prayer is supported by sacrificial and benevolent
mission offerings given by individuals through these annual services.
Each of the 170 countries celebrating World Day of Prayer has an
ecumenical committee of women representing many cultures, races
and faith traditions. Each country’s committee is responsible for
determining the use of the offering as it relates to the theme for each
year. Offering grants are made to women and children’s groups in
each country.
World Day of Prayer USA promotes justice and equality for women
through prayer, partnerships, service and celebration. For more
information, visit the World Day of Prayer USA website at
 Contact informationWorld Day of Prayer USA
475 Riverside Drive, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10115
Orders: 888.937.8720