North Highland United Methodist Church
Monday, May 17, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Spring Cleaning  
As I am keyboarding away at this newsletter article, hardworking people are unpacking boxes and bins of all sorts of things—clothing, kitchenware, décor, and as usual, a few things that challenge our imagination. Each year we have at least one serious mystery item!
Rummage sales, moving, and maybe even old fashioned spring cleaning remind us to look over what we have and decide what we might just be able to live without. Isn’t is amazing how many things we accumulate from year to year? Some people are very good at getting rid of things that are no longer helpful or usable Some people have big closets and basements so it’s easy to pile up the items. I just heard of someone renting a substantial storage unit just to store extra “stuff”. I’m thinking such is most definitely a first world issue.
In our Social Principles study and discussion group we recently began looking at sustainability issues. Helen used the magic of Google and uncovered a fascinating book Material World—A Global Family Portrait. The book is made up of a photo journey through various cultures. Families are photographed outside along with all of their possessions. It is as sobering as it is interesting to view. Imagine what your photograph might look like if you moved all our “stuff” outside and posed with it! Would you be proud or a little bit embarrassed in comparison to photos from other corners of the world?
It begs questions about how we view our possessions, what we imagine the landfills will look like in coming years, and whether or not our possessions own us, or we own them. It may also prompt us to consider at what unnecessary things are cluttering our spiritual and emotional lives. What would a rummage sale or photographic journey of emotional baggage look like? It may be worthwhile to get rid of extra household “junk” and also worthy to let go of some old hurts, resentments, and old stories. What do you think? Are we ready for some spring cleaning? It could be the start of a wonderful season of life if we did so!
Pastor Lou

May 2017