North Highland United Methodist Church
Monday, May 17, 2021
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


Here We Go—Fall is Here!
Perhaps you have heard Jesus described as “God with skin on”. Admittedly that isn’t my favorite phrase, but it is an appropriate description of our understanding of Jesus— that everything Jesus did during his earthly ministry—teaching, interacting, and doing, all point to God. You have also likely heard that the church is the Body of Christ (that’s directly from scripture), as well as the admonition that we are now called to be the hands and feet of Christ. While our hands and feet are important, I kind of like the more holistic understanding that we together are the Body of Christ in the world. Have you noticed that there seem to be more “mouths” than hands and feet when it comes to public Christian actions on various news feeds? All kinds of verbiage, and sadly some of it very harmful to many, and in my opinion, harmful to the entire message Jesus came to share. There is another well known saying as long as I’m on that path: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.” St. Francis may or may not have actually said this, yet whomever did, it nonetheless is an extremely timely and appropriate thought for us as followers of Jesus in the 21st century.
What will we do together as a church—the Body of Christ as we begin another school year? How will we preach GOOD NEWS (which is the meaning of the word gospel) with our living and actions both individually and together as a church. We do have some possibilities and are always willing to explore more ways of serving. In a smaller church like ours, everyone is needed, and everyone is invited to be in ministry:
1) Within the month we begin our outreach to the children and families of Head Start here in Aberdeen. You will have opportunity to ready to and with the children, and more opportunities as this outreach grows.
2) We need parade-walkers to advertise our upcoming Coats for Kids and then will need persons to sort and distribute coats in Oct and Nov.
3) Shoe Box Christmas is on the horizon. How might you be a part of this valuable ministry? Check with the Missions Chair or Pastor Lou
4) We really need a teacher/discussion leader to work with youth on Sunday morning. Do you have gifts of listening, encouragement and good gab, as well as grounding in faithful living and loving of God and neighbor? Please speak to Pastor Lou with ideas or questions.
5) Do you like to sew or do simple crafting? We want to start a “Pins and Needles group soon this fall. How wonderful to sew and craft items that will further Christ’s message of welcome and hope.

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