North Highland United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 20, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Staff Parish Committee

Staff Parish Relation Committee will meet at 5:30 PM  on Thursday, March 19.
Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
In the United Methodist Church, pastors are appointed or “sent” which is different than it is in many other denominations. Pastoral appointments come from the Bishop through consultation with the Cabinet (District Superintendents and Director of Ministries). Within local churches, it is the PPRC who is the connection to the D.S. and Bishop. In November our PPRC voted unanimously to request that Pastor Lou be reappointed to NHUMC. Appointments are typically “fixed” or made official at Annual Conference in June, with the yearly appointments beginning July 1st. Our D.S. has informed us that the Bishop’s intent is to reappointment Pastor Lou for the coming year, and that is what we are counting on and planning to happen.
While the pastor is the appointed leader of the church, it takes many people, actions, and prayers to create a thriving and genuinely Christ-focused church. That makes us all ministers! We are not always of the same mind in a church, but when we have a singleness of purpose, which is learning to live and serve in the ways of Christ, much can and will be accomplished.
Our purpose here at NHUMC is reflected in our mission statement Worship Grow Serve.
We worship God in many ways by our words and actions, as well as the time we spend in formal worship. We intend to grow in many ways including in our personal faith, our outreach, and in generosity and kindness. Growth in numbers and people comes through many avenues including who we are as a community of faith, collectively and individually. Our attitudes make a huge difference in how we welcome others to become a part of our community of faith, and what happens here in the church. We value all persons and that is a strength of our church. We serve because we love God, and we have answered God’s call of grace upon our lives—and because somehow God knows we are always better when we are focusing on more than our individual selves, likes, and needs.
We are the church together—and we are grateful for the gifts and graces Pastor Lou brings, and her agreement with the D.S. and PPRC for reappointment
 The SPRC has the primary responsibility of managing the relationship between the clergy and the congregation. “Manage”, here, means to guide, teach, mentor, tend to conflict, and organize celebration of ministry of ordained and lay staff. The PPRC needs to have a clear understanding of the church’s mission and vision and be able to interpret that through the tasks they perform. Other responsibilities include: explaining the nature and function of ministry to the staff and congregation, conferring with the congregation and the pastor about ministry direction, assessing the ministry of the congregation and the pastor, conferring and consulting with the district superintendent, supporting lifelong learning (continuing education) for all staff, and identifying individuals from the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry.
 The Discipline requires that at least five and not more than nine members be elected for terms of three years each, in three classes. All members of this committee must be members of the church.
 (Membership in this committee also includes the Lay Member to Annual Conference and the Lay Leader.)