North Highland United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Products from Equal Exchange
UMCOR Coffee Project Vendor  
North Highland serves Equal Exchange coffee.
Fair Trade Coffee
 North Highlanders have the opportunity to buy fair trade coffee  and tea from Equal Exchange,
an extension of UMCOR’s coffee project which offers fair prices to producers. This coffee is available
in the basket in the fellowship hall.
According to UMCOR’s website:
“For many farmers and artisans, being able to sell into the fair trade market means the difference between being able to feed a family or not, being able to send their children to school or not, being able to have access to clean water and many other basic necessities they can’t take for granted. By making your purchases of coffee, tea, chocolate, and craft items from fair trade distributors, you are helping to ensure a better life for farmers and artisans globally.”
The prices of the coffee are: regular - $10.00, decaf - $12.00.
You may take the coffee from the basket and put your payment in the envelopes provided.
Please see Helen if you have questions. 
Equal Exchange has many different coffee and tea products. 
They also have a selection of chocolate products.
You may order these additional products  directly from Equal Exchange.
Follow this link:
Below is a link to UMCOR about the Coffee Project.